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I signed a contract for a new pool!.......Now what?

So you’ve done your research, you’ve met with local pool consultants, reviewed all your options and signed a contract for the installation of a brand new pool! You’re probably feeling emotions of excitement, anticipation.... and possibly a bit of anxiety? It seems like that first day of pool opening just can’t come soon enough! And you may be thinking, “Is there anything that I can do to help streamline the construction process?” Well let’s get those ducks in a row- so you can be one step closer to polishing that perfect cannonball form!

Building permit
Building Permit


One of the most important considerations is becoming familiar with all of the ordinances and codes relative to your location. Each state, county and municipality have different regulations in place regarding pool placement, necessary setbacks and possible fencing requirements. Understanding the laws, as they relate to your project site, can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary project timeline setbacks.

Pool Permit
Pool Permit


Without the proper permits in place, site prep for your new pool installation cannot begin. This is one of the most common causes of project delay. Be sure to contact your local Zoning or Inspection Department to ensure that all necessary permitting requirements have been met prior to the tentative project start date. Typically, the permitting process requires a simple plan/layout for the proposed pool or fence alignment to the local Zoning Department along with a small fee (usually around $50).


Relocating existing utilities is an expensive endeavor (that should be avoided at all costs). Contact Diggers Hotline to have all utilities marked on-site and ensure that the proposed location of your pool will not interfere with any existing utilities. Diggers Hotline is a state-wide, one call system that is easy and free to use. All utilities will be marked within 3 - 5 business days, providing peace of mind to the client. Below is a link to the Diggers Hotline website for contact information regarding utility marking in Wisconsin. Requests can be made through their online portal or by phone with a representative.


Each pool contract is unique. Some projects provide a "turn-key" solution in which the pool builder undertakes the role of a general contractor so that all aspects of the project are covered. In other cases, the client may be responsible for hiring out separate contractors to provide electrical/gas services, fence installation, landscaping or lawn restoration. If this is the case, it is very important for the client to contract these services as soon as possible and verify the tentative project schedule to ensure that the project is completed in a timely fashion.


It is a very good idea to contact your homeowners insurance representative and make them aware of your plans to install a pool. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of homeowners insurance but typically, the addition of a pool does increase the relative cost. However, there may be measures you can take as a homeowner to help alleviate some of these burdens depending on your plan (such as the installation of pool alarms or automatic covers). For this reason, early discussions with your insurance representative can help with project planning and cost savings over time.


Is there anything that your pool contract doesn't cover? Are there any add-ons or change orders that you may still be thinking about? You might be 'on-the-fence' considering upgrades to lighting, plumbing for a future water slide or the addition of waterline tile? Open communication with your pool builder is key.

Change orders at the last minute can come with major project be sure that all of your bases are covered. If there is a particular aspect of the project where an upgrade is possible, bring this up to your pool contractor as soon as possible. Due to recent strains on most product supply chains, it is very possible that an 'eleventh-hour change order' could push back project timelines. Electrical components are especially susceptible to delays from product shortages.

So if there's something you may want to add to your project, let your pool builder know right away. That way, product orders can be placed sooner rather than later and any unnecessary roadblocks can be avoided.


Absolutely do not plan a pool party until your pool is complete. This is the #1 mistake all new pool owners make. The reason we say this is that due to weather and variables outside of our control we cannot guarantee a specific completion date. We have a goal we shoot for to complete your project but certain times of the year the weather is just too unpredictable for us to provide a specific time to complete your project. So please resist the urge to plan a party to show off your new pool until your pool is completely done.

Got any questions about your upcoming pool project? Contact Pool Pros today @ 920-771-0107. We are here to help answer any questions that you have and help guide you through the pool planning and construction process!

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