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Retaining walls. Do I really need one?

The photo above is of a project we built alongside Donnie Macs Landscaping in 2008 in Hobart WI. The site slope was so drastic that a retaining wall would be required. This is an extreme and most often retaining walls are a few feet tall or less but this shows that regardless of your site slope we can build a fiberglass pool.

The real question is do you want one or need one? In some cases we are able to opt out of a retaining wall by grading the area outside of the pool with spoils from the excavation. We still keep our clean stone backfill at the edge of the pool but we can gradually fill in and grade out an area so that you can avoid the expense of a retaining wall.

You can also stagger retaining walls so that you do not have one large wall. There are several options at our disposal when it comes to retaining walls . Retaining walls are a great option when you do not have the space to grade out an area. It allows you to make the most out of tight spaces by raising and supporting a specific elevation.

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