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The Best Above Ground Pool Package

Updated: Jan 15, 2021


Pool Pros set out to shatter the mold when it comes to typical Above Ground Pool Packages. For years

Above Ground Pool Packages have been put on the back burner. The packages and technology has not changed in decades. That is until now.


Rather than focus on selling large numbers of basic high maintenance pool packages, we have chosen the opposite approach and have focused selling only the best above ground pool packages by giving our clients the same quality technologically advanced energy-efficient products that we outfit our fiberglass inground pools with.


Don't get me wrong, a simple basic Above Ground Pool Package is not a bad thing and is an affordable option for a lot of pool owners. This is great when you initially purchase your pool but ultimately leads to more maintenance for pool owners and a higher cost of ownership due to replacing inferior equipment sooner than should be. Especially those plastic filter hoses. They are ticking time bombs waiting to give out



Pool Pros Evolution Above Ground Pool Package may have a higher price tag than expected but by the time you factor in the time involved in maintaining a basic system along with the energy costs of operating these inefficient systems, and repairs to the systems, you would have been better off starting out with the best above ground pool package available, the Evolution Above Ground Pool Package by Pool Pros.

Pool Pros Evolution Above Ground Pool Package received a facelift for 2020. It includes a drastically larger filter, Ultraviolet Sanitizing, a 250k BTU heater, lighting, insulated pool wall, robotic pool cleaner, pool automation, service grade maintenance kit and more!

Below, we will break down what is included in our new Evolution Above Ground Pool Package, the differences from a traditional above ground pool package and how these upgrades will benefit our above ground pool clients.

Pool Pros new and improved Evolution Above Ground Pool Package includes the following:


The first and the most important aspect of a pool package is the pool itself. Pool Pros only sells the Evolution Above Ground Pool. We chose this pool due to its solid heavy-gauge steel construction. It is stronger than any resin (plastic) above ground pool on the market. It features big beefy 9" uprights and top ledges that provide superior strength and stability to this pool. It also features resin coatings to the steel components adding to its weather resistance. It may have a higher price point but this pool will outlast any resin pool and should have a 20 plus year life expectancy. When it comes to quality, strength, and value, nothing beats the Evolution Above Ground Swimming Pool.


TUNDRA SHIELD tm is a proprietary pool insulation that is installed behind the liner on the wall of the pool. It will reduce heat loss by up to 80%. Something that can only be claimed by one other Above Ground Pool Manufacturer Radiant Pools.

GLI Lakeview Pool Liner

This 20 mil non embossed virgin vinyl unibead liner features the lakeview pattern that is dark and helps retain heat as well.

Gladon Pool Cove

Protects pool and liner from damage by pool track

Hayward Wide Mouth Skimmer

This is a quality American Made skimmer. It has a higher price but is a much heavier duty skimmer than the lowcost Chinese manufactured skimmers commonly found on other above ground pools.

Pentair Service Grade Maintenance Kit

These are the same tools Pool Pros uses to maintain pools. Featuring a 16' fiberglass skimmer pole that is

nearly indestructible. Which compares to the thin disposable aluminum poles in most kits.



This pool pump will give you up to 80% on energy savings versus traditional single speed pool pumps. It features built-in timers for up to 4 speeds. Typical single-speed pool pumps run 24/7.

Pentair Biosheild Ultra Violet Sanitizing System

This Ultraviolet Sanitizer helps reduce chlorine use by up to 50% all while not adding anything to the pool water. It kills organic contaminants and destroys combined chlorine molecules. Meaning cleaner water and fewer chemicals in your pool.

Pentair Clean and Clear 320 Cartridge Filter System

This is a large 4 element cartridge filter with 320 square feet of surface area. This is over 3 times the size of traditional above ground pool cartridge filter systems which need to be cleaned weekly/bi-weekly. This filter typically only needs to be cleaned 1-2 times per season saving you a lot of maintenance.

Pentair MasterTemp 250k Btu Natural Gas Heater

The Master Temp is a large and efficient heater of your pool water. It is over twice the size of most pool heaters that are equipped with above ground pools. Meaning your pool will heat quicker and more efficiently. Saving time and money.

Pentair Pool Light

The Pentair Aqualuminator gives you the added option of swimming at night in a fully illuminated pool. This light comes in white and has the ability to change from red to blue and green. Pros = extended safe swimming time.


Pentair Prowler 910 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pentair Prowler is a top-quality robotic cleaner. Simply set the cleaner in the pool, plugin and let it do the work for you. No more brushing and manually vacuuming the pool with this cleaner. Pros = Saves time

Tundra Loc Installation System

Pool Pros has developed and refined the Tundra Loc System over 23 years of building over 2000 above ground pools. This rock-solid process starts with the base and goes from there. Pool Pros does not use patio blocks or sand under the track of their pool installs. Our tracks are set on virgin ground, hand leveled to within 1/8". This solid base gives our pools the longest life span possible. Pool Pros crew is lead by owner Michael Bowers who is one of only 3 Certified Professional Builders in WI and the only one that builds above ground pools. Pool Pros builds all of its own pools. No subcontractors or referrals. Everything is bundled in one package. No need to go search for a builder after you buy your pool. Pool Pros has it all covered.

Filling of the pool (up to 12,000 gallons)

No more waiting for days to fill your pool from a garden hose. We build and fill the same day.

Winter Cover = Top Quality cover to keep your pool clean all winter long

Solar Cover = Helps reduce heat loss by up to 70%

Confer In-Pool Ladder = Top Quality Pool Ladder.

For pricing and to schedule your Evolution Above Ground Pool Package Installation call Pool Pros today @ 920-771-0107


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