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Top 5 Tiki Torches

5 Top Tiki Torches
Top 5 Tiki Torches


Is your back yard missing a little something? Adding a little fire light to your backyard could be just the ticket. A tiki torch may be just what the doctor ordered. Tiki torches arent the same ole bamboo torches of yore either! With dozens of modern styles available a tiki torch or 12 may be just what you need to make your back yard a little more inviting at a fairly reasonable price. To better help you find the right tiki torch for you backyard Pool Pros put together a list of the top 5 selling Tiki Torches. You will find the list below in no particular order but first lets get a little history lesson on tiki torches.


The Tiki Torch has it roots in Polynesian Culture that slowly began to take root in US culture in the late 1940's and early 50's. With soldiers returning from the Pacific Theater of WWII an infusion of Polynesian bars and restaurants bloomed across the united states. With the spread of Polynesian culture came the famous tiki torch. Originally made of bamboo the tiki torch has been a staple of outdoor activities throughout the US for over 50 years.


I have to say this is a new one for me. I never new that Tiki was a Wisconsin Company but according to our research in the 1950s, a company in Wisconsin began producing aluminum torches for consumer use, obtaining a trademark for the "Tiki Torch" name.

Classic Weave Tiki Torch
Classic Weave Tiki Torch


The classic weave tiki torch stands 57 inches tall. The torches will come in a 12 pack. The torch deducts spills by having an easy pour wide mouth canister for less spills and clean ups. Each torch burns up for 5 hours with a 12 oz fill. This torch will really lighten up your backyard and set some chill vibes.


AVERAGE COST: $6.00 ea

Solar Island Tiki Torch
Solar Island Tiki Torch


These tiki torches are a great option where fire is not an option. These tiki torches will give your backyard awesome island vibes. The island torch will turn off when the sun shines in the morning and turns on while the sun goes down. They are very easy to install, poles can be adjusted and there is no need to worry about extra fuel. They stand 4.5 feet tall but do not have an adjustable flame. Available in a set of 4, colored black and brown the island tiki torch will keep your backyard glowing.

AVERAGE COST: $15.00 ea

Islandd King Tiki Torch
Tiki Brand Island King Torch


This stunning torch is designed with a weather-resistant finish in black. Its uniquely designed torch bowl keeps the flame burning bright, even in the wind. With easy install you’ll spend less time installing torches and more time enjoying your backyard. And our Twist & Pour™ technology makes adding torch fuel easy. For proven mosquito repellency*, use with TIKI® Brand BiteFighter® Torch Fuel, and enjoy up to 5 hours of burn time with each 12-ounce fill. Torch Fuel sold separately.

AVERAGE COST: $21.00 ea

 Big Kahuna Gas Tiki Torch
Big Kahuna Gas Tiki Torch


If you are looking for a permanently installed tiki torch fixture the Big Kahuna is the torch for you. This torch is powered directly by natural gas or propane. No worries about running out of lamp oil with this big guy. Standing 6.8 feet tall with an adjustable flame this tiki torch would definitely be a hit in your backyard! They are made out of top quality materials, also powder coated ensuring strength and durability against weather and corrosion. The Big Kahuna comes in a set of 2 and has adjustable flames, really makes your backyard lit up and gives an awesome vibe of summer.


Honeycomb Tiki Torch
Honeycomb Tiki Torch


Honeycomb tiki torch comes with a cheaper price and a different unique look. They stand 5.4 feet tall, generated 18 ounce fuel capacity allowing a burn for 11 hours and are very easy to install. If you are looking to test some tiki torches out this is a great option, because of its very cheap price, blue glass and honeycomb texture it really stands out in a natural setting. Perfect for your backyard by standing out and catching the eye.

AVERAGE COST: $25.99 ea


Tiki torches will be a hit in your backyard, with awesome design to appreciate throughout the day. When night falls a flame will light up your backyard bringing some antique vibes. Whether you prefer the classic Polynesian look of the Bamboo Tiki Torch or the modern contemporary design of the Island King Tiki Torch, there is something out there for just about anyone. We hope our picks for tiki torches gives you an idea how implementing fire features can add that little extra something can to your backyard.


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