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10 Reasons why your fiberglass pool needs a Tiger?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


No not the Tiger King, The Pool Tiger. As captivating, and addictive as this train wreck of a documentary was to watch our Pool Tiger Story is quite a bit different. Well..they are completely different.... Yeah they have nothing in common at all except the name Tiger. Anywho, in this article our goal is to show you why we at Pool Pros think all fiberglass pools need to be outfitted with the Pool Tiger System.


The Pool Tiger is a proprietary system invented by Gary Powell of Pool Tiger that helps prevent scaling and staining of swimming pools. Scaling and staining is most noticable in brilliant colored pool interiors. It also has the ability to eliminate combined chlorine molecules and kill algae, clarify pool water and reduce chemical use by up to 90%.


Water driven by the pool pump enters the Pool Tiger Chamber where specially designed nozzles convert the water to vapor then back to water. This process creates heat (5000 degrees) and also imparts a negative charge to suspended particles. The negatively charged particels attract to each other and create agglomerations that are large enough to be caught in the filter in turn clarifying the water with no chemicals. The Pool Tiger also creates "Structured Water" that accumulates at the pool wall to prevent mineral build & biofilm which reduces the need to brush the pool walls.


It should be on every pool actually, but the main reason is that it will protect your pool finish. To me the best reason to own a Pool Tiger is that it reduces the likelhood of staining and scaling of a fiberglass pools gelcoat. It will also do the same for pool plaster or pebble finishes and vinyl liners as well. Staining or scaling can happen if you allow your pool water to remain unbalanced for a period of time. Which we all know can and does happen. The Pool Tiger also balances pH and controls Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Stabilizer/Conditioner). The biggest plus for the Pool Tiger to me is that it reduces your chemical usage by up to 90%. It also offers trouble free operation. It doesn not need electricity, does not use any chemicals. As long as the pump is running at a minimum of 20gpm the Pool Tiger will be working. The return on investment is great as well. The unit retials for $1000.00 for residential pools so you should achieve a full ROI within 2-3 years in the savings you experience from using less chemicals in your pool.

1: Protects your pool finish

2: Reduce chemical use by up to 90%

3: Balances pH

4: Clarifies pool water

5: Trouble Free use

6: Easier Pool Maintenance

7: Full 5 year non prorated warranty

8: Made in the USA. Oklahoma to be precise.

9: Great ROI

10: Softer feeling water, less eye irritation and skin dryness

When you are ready to get started with your fiberglass pool project from Pool Pros call us today at 920-771-0107 to set up your design consultation.


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