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Fiberglass Pool Demand for 2021

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

2020 Has been a year for the record books. With the lockdowns faced across most of the country, families were searching for something to keep their family entertained, relaxed, and exercised while staying at home. This lead to unanticipated demand for pools and hot tubs.


Industry-wide 2020 was a record year for pool and spa sales. The biggest jump was in the Fiberglass Pool segment of the industry. It is partially due to the speed of installation amongst other great selling points. While 2020 was record-setting it was also fraught with some challenges. Due to Covid restrictions, major manufacturers were not able to operate at full capacity. This lead to a cascade effect throughout the industry in regards to product shortages. The huge demand surge and reduced output from manufacturers resulted in longer than normal lead times and increased costs.


Traditionally fiberglass pool manufacturers run a 2-3 week lead time for pool purchases. Meaning when an order is sent in to say River Pools, they will have the pool shell completed and ready to ship within 2-3 weeks. In 2020 however that 2 weeks increased to 10-12 weeks. This lead time poses challenges for pool builders to get fiberglass pool shells in a timely manner. If a builder did not have 3-4 months of work presold they were potentially sitting on their hands waiting for pool shells. Luckily that didn't happen for many pool builders.

2021 May be a different case. While manufacturers are rushing to expand their production facilities to better control lead times, it is forecasted that 2021 will see 12-14 week lead times or longer due to demand.


This again may hurt builders who do not have several months of pools sold. In some cases, builders are already sold out for 2021 and are booked into 2022! For those that arent they could be in trouble. If pool shells are not available quickly many pool builders may need to find other projects to fill in the downtime between fiberglass pools. Which is not ideal if you specialize in fiberglass pools.


This drastic increase in demand will cause many potential fiberglass pool owners that are waiting for spring before they start shopping to miss out on getting a fiberglass pool for 2021.


If you are a potential pool owner, do your research now and get on a fiberglass pool builder's schedule before it's too late for 2021.

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