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Changes to our Above Ground Pool Packages for 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2021


As we all know 2020 was about as messed up a year as anyone could ever imagine. The lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing requirements posed challenges for every business that was still allowed to operate. It was no different for the pool industry. Well, actually it was different, very different. It created an all time high demand which in turn created a massive shortage for anything pool related. Most major Above Ground Pool Manufacturers were sold out by April of 2020. So many potential pool owners were left high and dry for 2020.


2021 is a little different. The demand is still at unheard-of levels but there are more pools available at this time. So for a limited time while supplies last Pool Pros is offering 2 special above ground pool packages for Howard and Suamico Residents.


You may be asking why are these specials only available for Howard and Suamico Residents and the answer is simple, its, because our shop is right near the Suamico/ Howard border and we, wanted to focus on working close to home. It not only allows us to focus on working close to home and building pools more efficiently but it is also great for those clients that live close because we can service them down the road much quicker as well.


We have 2 packages. The Basic Pool Package and Our Evolution Package. The basic package consists of either a 24' Round or 27' Round Evolution Above Ground Pool with a 20 mil ocean view virgin vinyl liner, wide mouth skimmer, return, Watwerway cartridge filter system, Tundra Loc Installation, and deck style ladder. 24' Round Pool $9,500.00 & 27' Round Pool $10,500.00


This is our most popular pool package and features the same high-quality pool equipment that we install on our in-ground pools. The Evolution Advanced Above Ground Pool Package includes either a 24' round or 27' round Evolution Above Ground Pool, Tundra Shield Pool Insulation, 20 mil Ocean View Virgin Vinyl Liner, Wide Mouth Skimmer, Pentair Pool Light, Pentair SuperFlo VST Pool Pump, Pentair CC320 Quad Cartridge Filter, Pentair MasterTemp250 Heater, Pentair Bioshield UV Sanitizer, Pentair Prowler Robotic Pool Cleaner, Confer In-Pool Ladder, Solar Cover, Winter Cover, Maintenance Kit, Start-Up Chemicals, Tundra Loc Installation and concrete pad for the pool equipment.

24' Round Pool $16,500.00 and 27' Round Pool $17,500.00

If you are thinking about above ground pool ownership contact Pool Pros today to schedule your 2021 project 920-771-0107.


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