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Fiberglass Pool Review: The Monolith Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools

The Monolith Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools
The Monolith Fiberglass Pool - Thursday Pools

The Monolith

Big Enough For Serious Fun

This classic, rectangular pool screams “game on” from the moment you see it. The Monolith fiberglass pool is a Type One diving pool that sets the tone for competitive families who love to be together.

The Monolith Fiberglass Pool - Thursday Pools
The Monolith Fiberglass Pool - Thursday Pools

Angled, non-skid entry steps and bench.

The angled steps make for a quick and safe entrance and exit into the pool. Or if you’re just trying to keep your head above water, the connected bench makes for a relaxing spot to cool down and sip on a refreshing beverage

Large, flat-bottomed shallow end.

This area is perfect for young swimmers to work on their back stroke. A 15-in warning slope alerts swimmers they are moving towards deeper waters.

Courtesy ledge throughout the deep end.

Exhausted from exploring the depths of this behemoth of a pool? This ledge makes for a great spot to rest your sea legs

Dual, deep-end swim-outs and benches.

Want to hang out with the family in the deep end but would rather hangout, or perhaps keep an eye on your little one as they navigate deep waters? These dual bench seats make for a safe resting spot as you soak up the sun.

Wide-open swim area and Type I diving pool.

A large and deep swimming area makes for great all around fun whether you’re diving, swimming laps, or simply immersing yourself in the depths to seek tranquility.

Auto-cover ready.

Protect from little ones falling in, or uninvited intruders sneaking a dunk in the night with an automatic safety cover.

Non-skid surface throughout.

A non-skid gel coat featured on all of Thursday Pool models ensure safe entrance and exit in or out of the pool. Its textured, yet gentle, feel makes for maximum comfort for all bare feet, paws, and swimming attire. It is also impervious to algae which makes for lower maintenance costs as well.

Pool Specifications.

The Monolith Pool Model only comes in one size. The dimensions are 16’ x 40’ with a maximum depth of 8’ 6”. The flatbed shallow end is 3’ 6”

Monolith Size Range
Monolith Size Range


The Monolith Fiberglass Pool is available in these color options form Thursday Pools. Choose from Caribbean Sparkle, Maya, California, Sandstone, Diamond, Graphite or Pearl. For more info on fiberglass color trends check out this article here.

Color Options for monolith
Color Options

Hopefully, this gives you a great overview of the Thursday Pools Monolith Fiberglass Pool. Although we don't offer Thursday Pools please take a look at our River Pools Brand Fiberglass Pools and if you are ready to take the plunge call us at 920-771-0107 today to set up your design consultation.


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